Did you Know You Can Use Red Lipstick to Cover Under Eye Circles?

red lipstick

Many women are too nervous to even put red lipstick on their actual lips, and now we have women putting it beneath their eyes? Classic red lips are elegant, sophisticated and downright gorgeous. It takes a woman with supreme confidence to pull off red lips, and now women are using this gorgeous color beneath their eyes after one woman discovered it would ensure their eyes appear brighter and less tired. Is it true? How does it work? Does red lipstick really make under eye circles disappear? Since the rage is trending in a big way right now, we thought we’d bring the truth to you so that you can get rid of your own under eye circles. Deepica Mutyala swears by this, and she’s proving naysayers and skeptics wrong with her genius new makeup trick – and we bet half of you are already on the way to the bathroom to try it for yourselves.

The new YouTube sensation swears by the fact that putting red lipstick beneath your eyes and over your dark circles, blending and then applying your makeup as usual is all it takes to dramatically change the appearance of your face and make you feel more confident and more gorgeous. She posted the video on the popular website back in January and has managed to garner more than 4 million views since, but we estimate that with the growing popularity of this new trend she’s going to have far more than just 4 million views in the coming days.

So does it work? It appears that it does. The color contrast of red to dark seems to take away the look of the dark circles without leaving you looking like a circus clown with red eyes. Go ahead and try it for yourself to see if it works for you. Mutyala’s video will help guide you through the process.

Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images


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