Where to Save and Where to Splurge on Products for Men’s Facial Hair Styles

Facial hair

Facial hair styles are more popular than ever right now, especially now that Movember is still fresh in the minds of everyone around. For that reason, many grown men and many younger men are looking to keep their facial hair growing. They think it’s sexier, or manlier, or something. Not everyone is a fan of facial hair, no matter the style, but there are some pretty good benefits to having it. For one, facial hair protects skin from the sun, which means fewer incidents of skin cancer on those with hair on their face (any ladies want to lower their risk of skin cancer with a moustache or beard?). And it’s also great for allergies, keeping pollen and other allergens out of the nose.

However, there are also some things that men don’t know about their facial hair that might just surprise them, and it could save you money. How? Easy; there are some men who have no idea what they really need to use on their faces and they end up buying a bunch of items that go to waste. We can tell you what the men in your life need so that you don’t over-shop on useless items.

Gel or Shaving Cream

Many men use soap, and this is awful for their skin. You should invest in shaving cream or shaving gel to ensure that the men in your life don’t end up with irritated skin, razor burn or even an uneven shave. Just be sure to pick up some that’s not made for women – men don’t want to smell like fruity breezes all day long. You don’t have to buy anything extravagent such as after shave or anything of that nature, just cheap shave gel. This is a definite save.

A Good Trimmer

Some men like a great close shave and others like to keep the appearance of a slight beard. This means  he’s going to need a good trimmer. Our recommendation is that you should spend a bit more on this. Sometimes spending more for a quality product up front saves a lot in the long run. Buying him a cheap one that’s not going to last means he’s going to have issues, perhaps not get the trim he wants and that you’re going to frequently replace it.

A Good Razor

Ladies, stop using his razor. Buy your own. We all know that men’s razors are much better than women’s (why else would we use them all the time?) but we need to get our own. We are killing him every time we shave our legs with his facial razor, and he’s not appreciative. Splurge on a good razor for his face, because it does make shaving simpler, more comfortable and less of a Hassle.

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