Keep Your Color Longer

If you feel like you spend more time with your hair stylist than you do your husband, you probably have color. Whether you have highlights, lowlights or both, you probably spend a great deal of time having your roots covered up, because it’s a lot easier than wearing your bangs pulled back or a hat to hide the fact that you weren’t able to make it to the salon in your usual 4 week time frame. If you are a lady with color, here are a few tips that will have you spending a little less time with your hair stylist – even if she is the best therapist you’ve ever had.

Wash Your Hair First

Whoever said that it’s best to head to the salon with a head full of dirty hair when color is on the menu was not thinking straight. Your hair will absorb your color better and last longer when it’s clean and fresh. Steer clear of the salon for an extra week or two by spending a few minutes in the shower prior to your hair appointment.

Fewer Washes and Better Product

The best way to keep your color looking good is to wash your hair less frequently and with more appropriate shampoo. Each time you wash your hair and water escapes your follicles, it takes a bit of color with it. You can avoid a dull do by waiting a day between washes and using a shampoo that caters to your specific hair color, such as something from the John Frieda line.

Blow It

All you hear is that heat damages your hair, but now you’re hearing that your blow dried hair is likely to hold onto color longer than your air dried hair. The deal is that when your hair is wet, color has more time to evaporate, leaving you looking like you need another trip to the salon even though you were just there.


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