Keep Your Hair Healthy During the Hot Summer Months


Now that summer is just around the corner and trips to the beach and days in the sun are becoming the norm, it’s time to think about your hair and how to keep it from drying out from too much sun exposure. It happens every summer. Those who have been dealing with hair loss may use certain products or consider a Therapeutic hair transplant procedure.

Even those of us whose hair is relatively healthy on a normal basis begin to experience dryness and breakage thanks to sun damage. Short of lathering up our hair with sunscreen and the greasy mess that’s sure to make, here are a few better alternatives to keeping your hair healthy when the weather warms up.

Wear a Hat

There’s nothing more fashionable than an oversize hat with your summer ensemble. Make it a fashion staple this summer, especially when you’re on the beach or near the pool where UV rays are more dangerous than anywhere else. A hat will block the sun’s damaging rays, causing your hair to maintain its moisture and look just as healthy at the end of the day as it did at the beginning.

Skip the Blow Dryer

This time of year it’s best to skip the hairdryer as often as possible. Let your hair air dry as often as possible to prevent excess heat damage from causing it to dry out and break. I know that some of us can’t imagine ever leaving the house without doing our hair, but that’s why chic buns, braids and even messy ponies are so in style.

Skip the Alcohol

No, I’m not talking about a pina colada, I’m talking hair products with alcohol as an ingredient. Alcohol dries out your hair even faster when it’s exposed to sunlight, so skip out on using products that contain alcohol. Using them will cause your hair to burn very quickly, drying it out and causing much more damage than you can imagine.

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