The Most Important Features To Look For In A Flat Iron

Selecting the right flat iron for your hair can be confusing to say the least.  There are so many different flat irons on the market today that you can choose from but there are some important features that you want to look for when you are shopping for a flat iron.

You want to choose a good brand.  While it is true that you can get a quality flat iron that isn’t one of the more well known brands, your chances of getting a quality flat iron are higher when you go with a popular, high end brand.  Chi, Jilbere and GHD are all brands that have great ratings and are often used by hair stylists.

That being said, do your homework.  Read the reviews on the flat iron that you are interested in to see how pleased others have been with it.  The website is a great site to get reviews on practically any product that you are curious about in the hair and makeup department.  While reading the reviews keep your mind alert for any complaints that pop up more than a couple of times. One sign of a bad quality flat iron is one that snags on the hair.  If you find reviews stating that the flat iron you are researching does that, move on.

Important features to make sure that your flat iron has include an adjustable temperature setting, and ceramic or titanium plates.  Ceramic or titanium plates are plates that will hold the head more evenly and give you a more uniform style.  It is also nice to have an automatic shut off if you are one that often forgets to unplug your hair styling tools.  A warranty is a good sign that the flat iron is good quality.

While everyone’s preferences in a flat iron are different, there are some qualities that are important for everyone.

Image Credit: Life’s Shiny Pretty Things


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