Ideas For Second Day Hair: When You Don’t Have Time For A Shampoo

Second day hair is sometimes a necessity because of time constraints.  I will freely admit that I am a shampoo every day kind of girl but there are just some days you can’t squeeze a shampoo in.  Maybe you overslept or you have to spend your morning spiraling your daughter’s hair for school pictures and don’t have time to wash your own.  Whatever the reason is, there is no need to panic if you have to deal with second day hair.

There are actually some advantages to second day hair.  Because it isn’t squeaky clean and probably has some product left on it from the day before, it is easier to work with and holds styles better.

There are a lot of different things that you can do with second day hair.  Updos are awesome to try out with second day hair.  You can go for a classic French twist or try the messy bun.  You can add some cute accessories like a hair flower or some sparkly bobby pins to hold the strays in place.

Headbands can be your best friend when you are working with second day hair.  If your hair is going to show that it is dirty, it will more than likely be the area that a headband will cover.  You can leave your hair down in the back, sweep it to the side or add a headband in with your updo.

As we all know, braids are the it style to wear right now.  You can do a simple side braid or try a fish tail braid which is actually much more simple than it looks to be.

If your second day hair is really driving you crazy, try adding some dry shampoo to it.  Dry shampoo is a great product to use to get you by in between shampoos.  After a little time, you may find you really like how easy it is to style your second day hair.


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