Four Ways You Can Shorten Your Beauty Routine

Getting ready each day, whether it is for bed or work, means you spend a lot of time on your beauty routine. Most women have a long list of things they do each day before they leave the house and each night before they go to bed. These things are often time consuming and sometimes completely unnecessary. Ladies, you can simplify your beauty routine in a matter of minutes by simply removing unnecessary tasks from your list of things to do to make you look even more gorgeous than usual.

Skip the Morning Face Wash

You should not wash your face twice a day anyway. This only dries out your skin. All you need to do is wash your face at night before you go to bed and you can skip the morning face washing routine. This should save you three to five minutes each morning.

Stop Exfoliating Daily

This is something that many women think is great for their skin. In fact, it’s not that great to exfoliate on a regular basis. Skip the morning exfoliation routine and schedule one day every week to exfoliate skin. Cleaning dead skin off your body on a daily basis makes the skin beneath it more susceptible to damage from the sun and other factors on a daily basis.

Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

It sounds gross, I know. Especially for those who have hair that tends to look greasy and gross if it’s not washed every day. However, washing your hair every day only makes it dry out more and die faster. You should stick to washing only twice a week, spraying your hair with water or rinsing it with water on the mornings you do not wash it. Apply a little of your usual styling product and call it a day.

Skip the Moisturizer

You should never skip your sunscreen application, but because sunscreen is considered moisturizer, you can skip the additional moisturizer to prevent your skin from becoming too hydrated and oily.


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