Holiday Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

As you apply your makeup for tonight’s holiday festivities (and those coming up in the next few days) ask yourself whether or not your makeup is accentuating your beauty or detracting from it. The truth is that many women use their makeup incorrectly and it actually ages them. You don’t want to look older after you apply makeup (unless you’re 16 because that’s probably what those girls are going for). Here are three pieces of makeup advice that will prevent you from aging yourself when you’re supposed to be improving your natural beauty.

Too Pale

If you grew up listening to your mom and grandmother tell you that your makeup is always something that should be lighter than your actual skin tone, you’re doing something wrong.  Going a shade paler than your natural skin tone can actually cause your skin to look pasty, which is an instant aging issue.

Overdone Brows

Soft, full brows with a soft arch are perfect. They accentuate the shape of your face. Unfortunately, if you’re too pluck or wax happy, your harsh brows might make you look older than you are. Try filling in your brows to help them look fuller and softer with a brow pencil and lay off the waxing and the need to pluck entirely too much. You’ll look younger and be thankful for this advice.

Blushing Beauty

When you use your blush brush to apply a straight line up your cheek, you’re making a mistake; one that could cost you years of your looks. Instead, consider going softer with a fuller blush brush by making soft circles only on the apples of your cheeks. The result is softer and younger.

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