Help For Finding Your Signature Fragrance

For all of my life, I admired women that had a signature fragrance.  You know what I mean, a fragrance that a woman wears all of the time that smells wonderful on her and you can’t smell the fragrance without thinking of her?  Yes, that is a signature fragrance.  And I wanted one.  But first I had to go about finding it.  How did I do that?

First of all, when you are searching for a signature fragrance, you have to make finding a fragrance serious business.  When you shop for perfume, remember that your nose can get overwhelmed easily after two or three smells.  Sniffing coffee beans can help to clear your sense of smell and give you a fresh start.  Many stores realize this and provide them for you to use when you are shopping for a fragrance.  If they don’t, slip a small container of coffee beans in your purse to use when you are shopping.

You want your signature fragrance to be a fragrance that you are absolutely in love with, of course.  I actually found mine by asking another woman what she was wearing when I caught whiff of it.  Was that a bit awkward?  Yes, of course but it was well worth that one moment of awkwardness. More than that, the person with the intoxicating fragrance didn’t mind at all and took it as a compliment.

Remember that just because a fragrance smells great on one person, does not mean it will work for you.  We all have different body chemistries that mix with fragrance to give it’s own unique tweak.

A good sign that you have found your signature fragrance is if you are receiving many compliments on your fragrance and people are asking you what you are wearing.  Finding your signature fragrance takes time so be patient with yourself.

You can get a jump start on this by taking a really neat quiz that offers you insight by Ladies Home Journal.

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