Gorgeous Skin the All Natural Way

Husbands cringe and boyfriends scratch their heads in confusion; they simply do not understand. Your collection of moisturizers, night creams, day creams and make-up that make up your daily beauty regimen confound guys. They don’t get why you spend so much money on such little bottles and why you spend so much time trying to make sure your skin looks and stays gorgeous (of course, they wouldn’t, would they? All they have to do is wash their face with a three-month old bar of questionably smelly soap and their skin is flawless). The truth is there is no need to spend the equivalent of a couple months’ mortgage when some of the best skin care products are free.


That’s right ladies. The best way to have gorgeous skin is to let it rest. There is no facial or cream in the world that has the same effect on gorgeous skin than seven to eight hours sleep every night.

Eat Citrus

Fruit is not only delicious and rejuvenating, it helps to give you gorgeous skin. Lemons, for example, are support your kidneys and liver, and research shows that the healthier a person’s organs, the healthier their skin.


No, not the kind of massage you get at the spa (though no one is telling you not to go get one whenever you feel the need). When you apply your face wash and face lotion do it by massaging it – with significant pressure – into your skin in a circular motion to increase circulation and promote healthy skin.

Wear Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if you don’t plan on doing anything but lying on your window seat and reading your favorite book all day long, wear sunscreen. Even through your windows – in your home, car and office – you are subjecting your skin to damaging UV rays. Make sunscreen your best friend, stat.



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