Get Perfect Spiral Curls Without Going To The Salon

Spiral curls are a beautiful way to add volume and life to your hair without chemically processing it.  You don’t have to have a perm to achieve this gorgeous look and you don’t have to spend money at the salon, either.  You can create the look of spiral curls at home with a little bit of instruction.

You want to start with clean, dry hair.  It is actually okay if your hair hasn’t been washed that day but you don’t want it any dirtier than that.  Separate your hair into sections and clip up all except for the bottom layer with alligator clips.  You will be curling the bottom layer first.

Spray the bottom layer with an aerosol flexible hairspray.  You want to use aerosol because it is more of a dry hairspray than that you can purchase in a pump bottle.  Take a small piece of hair, about an inch wide to curl.   Turn your curling iron vertically.  This is the key to giving you spiral curls.  Place the end of your hair section in the curling iron and then begin to wind the curling iron around the hair, stopping when you get about an inch from your scalp to protect burns.  All of this time, your curling iron is held vertically.  When you take the curling iron out, you are not going to unwind it.  You simply release the hair and pull the curling iron downward and out of the curl.  After you do a few sections, take time to spray them again.

Repeat this process on the remaining sections of your hair.  When styling your hair in spiral curls, be prepared to spend a bit of time on it.  It usually takes me about 30 minutes to do my own and about 20 to do my daughter’s.  After you have curled all sections of hair into spiral curls you can either shake them out a bit or finger comb them to add a touch of softness.

Image Credit: She Knows


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