Get Great Makeup Tips On The Cheap In These Ways

Makeup tips are something we can all use, aren’t they?  I know I am always on the lookout to find a new technique to try with eye makeup or a new list of favorite lipsticks for fall.  Well there are some great ways to find makeup tips without spending a penny.  You can have the latest looks or the look that is best for you for nothing when you follow these strategies to learning makeup tips.

Ask a friend whose makeup you admire to spend an hour with you and show you some new techniques.  Some people are just more artistically inclined and can see shapes and colors in a different way that allows them to create beautiful things including a beautifully made up face.  This could be a great time to have fun together, too.

You can also go to a department store and ask for a makeover.  Most department stores will give you this service for free or practically free because they hope that you will fall in love with the products they used and they can make a sale.  You may decide you want to purchase the products they used while they were showing you some makeup tips but you are not obligated to.  In addition, most Mary Kay consultants will provide you this service for free too, and in the convenience of your own home.

There are many, many makeup tutorials that you can watch online and learn from.  You can even search for a makeup tutorial for a celebrity that you like.  I have done this with several celebrities.

There are many articles you can read online for free to help you to learn makeup tips.  Some are even by makeup companies, such as this article by Almay on application tips for eye makeup.  There are many other articles available as well and it is as simple as googling them.


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