Four Tips to Look Younger Instantly

You exercise, you eat right and you always wear sunscreen. These things will do wonders to make you look healthy, fresh and young, but did you know that simply by opening up your makeup bag you can look years younger? The little things that you have in your makeup bag can help you to take years off your face in a matter of minutes. To look younger right this instant, head to the nearest mirror and follow these four simple rules.

Liquid Concealer

As you age your skin begins to develop fine lines and (gasp) wrinkles; unfortunately, that is life. You now have that much more to conceal when you apply your makeup. Even more unfortunately, most concealers have a nasty way of getting into your fine lines and wrinkles and accentuating them. To avoid this, choose a liquid concealer in a pen. It offers full coverage without the wax-y base that other liquid concealers contain; it will not seep into lines and wrinkles.

Choose Yellow Foundation

Not to confuse you, yellow foundation is not what you think. The goal is not to look like Big Bird’s sister. A yellow foundation has a yellow base, rather than a blue base. This will help your skin to look warmer, which automatically makes you look younger.

Raise Eyebrows

One way to make your face look younger in a second is to fill in your eyebrows. Using an eyebrow pencil that is one shade lighter than your actual eyebrows will help your brows look thicker and lusher, which takes years off your face. If you are blonde you should use a brow pencil one shade darker than your eyebrows.

Embrace Nude Lips

As you age your lips become smaller; especially your upper lip. This means it is time to say goodbye to your dark lipstick and make way for a new color; nude. A lip stain that is somewhere between your natural lip color and a soft berry color will enhance them without making drawing too much attention to them, which will make you appear younger.


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