Five Tips on How to Get Thicker Hair


Women want nothing more than thick, soft, manageable hair. Unfortunately, not all of us have that natural gorgeousness, which means we have to work even harder to look great. So many things we do to look good on a daily basis damage our already imperfect hair, which means we have to find a way to make it thicker and healthier. Here are a few ways women (and men) can achieve thicker, healthier hair.

Shampoo Correctly

Something many women fail to realize is that shampoo is designed to remove product buildup from the roots and scalp, not the actual hair. This means we’re all shampooing incorrectly. When lathering up, remember that it’s more important to lather the scalp than any other portion of the hair. When you do this, you will stop stripping your hair of natural oils that help it to grow thicker and stronger.

Shampoo Every Other Day

Do not wash your hair every day. It’s bad for your strands. It strips them, dries them and makes them frail and brittle. You’ll notice that it begins to break and look a lot less than perfect. By washing every other day, however, you can build strength and thickness for healthier hair.

Condition Daily

You’re not supposed to wash your hair every day, but you are supposed to condition your hair on a daily basis. This helps to hydrate your hair. Hydrated hair is thicker and healthier. It does not dry out as quickly and it does not break or damage as quickly.

Switch Brushes

Instead of using a hairbrush that has close bristles, switch to one that’s wider. A comb with wide teeth is much better for your hair than one without. Why? Because the more you pull through tangles, the more likely you air to cause split, damaged ends. When ends are split and damaged, it affects the rest of their, which causes it to thin out and become less thick.

Use Protection

If you heat style your hair, you need some sort of moisture protection. Applying a hot flat iron or dryer to your hair without a moisturizing heat protector will damage it dramatically. This will prevent your hair from growing thicker and more lush.

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