Five Tips on How to Clean Makeup Brushes

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It’s surprising how many women have no idea they need to clean their makeup brushes. They’re dirty. No matter how clean your face, your brushes become filthy after they’ve been used often. They’re filled with old makeup, oils from your skin and a myriad of other dirty germs. You do need to clean them from time to time, and these five tips will help you get cleaner makeup brushes.

Do it Once A Month

Your makeup brushes become dirty very quickly. Cleaning them once a month is going to keep them fresher, longer-lasting and it’s going to benefit your face. When you use a dirty brush, you transfer germs back to yourself. Clean them at least once a month to prevent bad skin from happening to you.

Skip the Expensive Cleaners

You don’t need to purchase expensive brush cleaner to clean your makeup brushes. All you need is a little baby shampoo. It’s soft, sensitive and not overwhelming. You can use this to help freshen brushes, remove dirt and buildup, and make them smell pretty.

Reshape Bristles

When you wash your brushes, make sure you reshape them as you rinse. When you don’t do this, your brushes become ineffective. Reshape as you rinse each time. This will help the brushes to maintain their shape and even dry faster.

Let them Dry Completely

The worst thing you can do for your face and your makeup brushes is use them too soon after cleaning. You’ll need to lay them flat to dry, on a soft cloth. You might even want to turn them over after a few hours to ensure both sides dry as quickly as possible.

Wash Early

You don’t want to find yourself in need of more makeup for a great date only to realize your brushes are soaking wet and unusable. Make sure you wash yours right after you apply your makeup for the first time in the morning so they have ample time to dry before you need them again.

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