Five Questions Your Hairdresser Wants You To Ask


One of my favorite blocks of time each month is the two hours I sit in my hairdresser’s chair while she makes me beautiful . It’s a chance for me to sit and relax and not have anyone screaming my name and asking for something every 30 seconds. It’s a chance for me to be a grownup and to have an adult conversation that does not include phrases such as “diapers” “time-out” or “field trip,” and I really enjoy this time. But that’s not all there is to it; the hairdresser you go to wants you to ask some specific questions. Why would he or she want you to ask specific questions? Well, they don’t always want to burst your bubble and they certainly don’t want to have to break bad news to you that you might not see coming. Additionally, they also want to know that you know what is up with your hair so that you can take care of it to the best of your abilities. So here are five questions your hairdresser wishes you would ask.

How Often Should I Wash?

This is a simple one, but a very important one. Your hairdresser wants you to ask this because it means you’re actually interested and their advice is not falling on deaf ears. And chances are good she’s going to tell you every other day.

Do You have Something for me to Use?

Hairdressers love when you ask this because it gives them a chance to recommend products for you, make sales and not feel as if they are pushing things on you. They want you to ask so that you will come back to them and not feel as if they are trying to work a hidden agenda.

Would this Cut Flatter?

Your hairstylist wants you to ask this of them so that they can be honest and give their opinion. It’s not always easy to tell someone that the cut they want probably is not the best one for your face/shape/any person ever.

Would this Color Flatter?

Color is very specific, and some hairdressers want you to ask. They want you to ask so that they can give their opinion in hopes that you will listen. Additionally, they aren’t all that interested in being the person you give credit to when your hair looks awful because you asked for a color they knew would not be good for you.

What do you Recommend?

Hairdressers love this question because they probably have a great idea of what would look good on you, what would work best for you and what you should have on your head. Ask; see what they say. You don’t have to do it; just ask.

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