Hats For Women With Short Hair

Finding a hat to go with a short haircut is not always simple. A baseball cap is so easy for someone with long hair to sport since she can pull her ponytail through the back. However, not all women with short hair look bad with baseball caps. It’s all about face shape, confidence levels and how you’re wearing your hat. Read on to find out which five hats look good with short hair.


The fedora is a classic style that looks good with any hair cut, but especially with short hair. When worn at a slight angle, this hat is stylish, sophisticated and just a little bit mysterious. Pair it with skinny jeans and boots paired with a blazer for a bit of excess mystery and you have one chic look.

Conductor Hat

This is a great hat for a woman with short hair and a round or oval face. It does a magnificent job of slimming the face and flattering your features. Additionally, it’s super stylish and very edgy. Pair this with just about anything from a skirt and boots to jeans and you’re golden.


There is nothing more sophisticated than a newsboy cap on a woman with short hair. The small size of the hat is not overwhelming, but it is chic. It’s one that can be worn a little off center to provide some aesthetic interest, which is always fabulous.

Wide Brim Hat

When you’re on the beach, you’re going to want a hat that covers your face, your neck and your hair. It’s great for women with short hair because it looks chic and provides protection from the sun. With short hair, it’s hard to keep your neck from burning with the harsh UV rays that happen when you’re on the water, in the boat or by the pool.

Bowler Hat

If there is any way you could look more British, you let us know. The Bowler hat is something that is hugely popular in the UK, and it’s so stylish. It’s a great hat for women with short hair because it’s not overwhelming and doesn’t hide the fact that you are a woman in the first place. Go ahead and try this hat with just about any casual or work wear.

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)


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