Five Great Hairstyles for Long Hair


Long hair has always been considered feminine and sexy. Men, especially, love a woman with long hair. It can be chic, elegant, and a royal pain in the neck when it comes to styling and care. Long hair just takes longer to style, which means not all women want to wake up each morning and spend that kind of time in front of the mirror with the hairdryer and the flat iron making their hair look amazing, which is why you need to use one of these five styles. It’ll save time and patience on days you’re just not in the mood for a full-on style session.

Pin It Up

When you’re having a day that doesn’t require much effort on your hair, pin half of it up. Grab a section from the top of your ears and pull that section back and secure it with two bobby pins. You can pull the top a bit to pouf it up just a little tiny bit (not Snooki-style, please) and you’ll end up with a casual chic look that took less than 2 minutes.

Sleek Pony

This one is just easy, chic and elegant; and it’s fast. When you have to wear a hairstyle that’s perfect for the office or a night on the town and you don’t have any time, pull it back in a low, chic pony. All you need is a little spritz of water across your hair. Part it far to the side or straight down the middle and brush it back. Secure it with a hair tie (simple black) and spray with hairspray to keep it smooth and chic.

Side Braid

You’re headed to the beach, on a road trip or out to run errands and need a cute look for your long hair. Pull it to the side and braid it. Don’t use a ponytail on top, just to secure the braid at the bottom. It’s a sweet, feminine look that’s also stylish.

Messy Bun

The messy bun is the easiest hairstyle for long hair. All you need is a high pony, a few bobby pins and about 2 minutes of your life.  Put your hair up and begin securing large pieces of hair around the ponytail with bobby pins until it’s all up. It’s a casual look that can also work for something a bit more elegant when done right.

Casual Waves

Go to bed the night before with your hair braided in one big, loose braid. Too small and tight won’t work. One big, loose braid will give you beach waves that are perfect for a day out, the office, or anywhere in between.

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)


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