Five Essential Beauty Tools That You Must Own

Every woman has a collection of beauty tools she uses.  The question is, do you have the right ones in your collection?  Let me enlighten you on the five essential beauty tools that you must own.

An eyelash curler is an absolute must.  I have heard it said that using an eyelash curler is the difference between you looking sleepy and you looking bright eyed and ready to face the day.  I agree. An eye lash curler can give your eyes that awesome wow factor you are looking for.

A good fingernail file is a must in the world of beauty tools.  Women have different taste in what type of fingernail files that they prefer but I must say I have to have a metal one.  I just don’t have time for those flimsy little emery boards.

Tweezers should go with you wherever you go, ladies.  Even if you have your eyebrows professionally waxed, there are always a few hairs that escape by your stylist. A free little tip for you; the best place to tweeze is in the car.

A good set of brushes is something that you cannot do without.  These are a must in your beauty tools collection.  You need a powder brush, a blush brush, several eye shadow brushes for different purposes and a lip brush.

Cotton rounds are a must have in the beauty tools department.  They can be used for virtually anything.  I use them for removing nail polish, removing eye makeup and even doing clean up if my makeup goes on a bit too heavy in a certain area.  Once you get used to having them on hand you will wonder what you ever did without them.

If you want more info on important beauty tools, you may find this article by Babble on the subject enlightening.

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