Five Eco-Friendly Products that Can Also Transform Your Skin

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What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time? Is it their hair? Their clothes? Their skin? While your first thought is very likely related to appearance, a person’s skin is one of the first things you notice when you initially meet them, and probably every time you’re near them. You might not think about someone’s skin too often unless it’s really bad or really beautiful. When it comes to your own skin, you certainly do not want people noticing for its lack of beauty, which is why you should be very careful which products you use on your face. In a world where waste is common and the desire to become a bit more eco-friendly is overwhelming, we thought we might help you eliminate waste, get gorgeous and become more eco-friendly all at the same time. Call it the perfect marriage, if you will. These products are all eco-friendly and they will completely change your skin for the better.

Beauty Counter Routine Clean Cream Cleanser – $24

What we love about this product is that it’s going to change the way your skin looks so that you look and feel younger and more vibrant. It’s also going to do an amazing job ensuring that your skin is radiant. It also uses no products or ingredients that are dangerous for you or the environment.

Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser – $32

Every day life is hard on our faces and our skin. Toxins from the environment are all but happy to make an appearance on our faces and have us looking and feeling less than perfect, but this cleanser is designed to make sure that our skin is free of all those every day toxins.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment – $29

If you want to get rid of puffy eyes, bags and the overall look of complete exhaustion, this is the product you want and need. The best part is that it’s so eco-friendly you don’t have to worry about it being inappropriate, either.

Mineral Fusion Revitalizing Eye Treatment – $23

This amazing product is designed to ensure that your eyes are more beautiful and noticeable for all the right reasons than ever before, and it’s because your eyes deserve it. And the best part is that it’s an eco-friendly product, too.

SW Basics of Brooklyn Makeup Remover – $14

If you’re looking for a makeup remover that actually removes all the makeup and makes your skin look decadent, this is the one for you. The best part is that three of the ingredients in this amazing product are all organic.

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