Five of the Best Nail Art Vloggers You Need to Know


Nail art is huge right now, and no one is bigger than the nail art vlogger. These online bloggers use their video tutorials to teach women how to make creative designs on their fingers and toes. They’re stylish, simple and beyond awesome tutorials. That’s why these bloggers are so popular. If you’re looking at your nails wondering how to make them more attractive or fun, take a look at these awesome nail art vloggers.


This is a great vlogger for beginners. Her explanations and tutorials are so simple and to the point it’s impossible to mess up. If you haven’t tried to create nail art just yet, this is the woman to follow. Once you get a little better (and you will, thanks to IndigoNova1) you will be able to follow more complicated vloggers and their more complicated designs.


What makes this vlogger so worth checking out is the fact that she takes requests from her followers and turns them into real, live nail art. She has amazing tutorials using your ideas and turning them into reality. She can do just about anything, which is why she’s so awesome and worth following as a vlogger.

Michelle Phan

This tutorial is amazing. She is a genius at making easy-to-follow tutorials that help women learn how to make their nails look amazing. Her tutorials are always simple and creative, and she has some of the best designs around. If you haven’t checked her out, it’s time.


A perfect manicure only comes from a salon, right? Wrong. Not when you take the advice offered by MissJenFABULOUS. Her designs are not always as elaborate as others, but they are always perfect and flawless. Her designs are what you’re looking for if you love classic, chic looks on your fingers and toes.


If you’re like me, you have no idea how to paint your right hand with your left, being right-handed, but she explains exactly how to paint your nails with your opposite hand so that both sides look amazing. She’s got tutorials on how to create the trendiest and most difficult designs with ease, which makes it possible for all of us to have amazing nails.

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