How to Find Discount Bathroom Vanities for Your Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom remodeling is a big job if you plan on completely gutting it. If you plan on doing just bits and pieces, however, it can be a much more manageable job. Even if you plan on removing existing vanities for something new and more appealing, you can still do this job yourself for less money and less stress. It’s not as difficult as many people think, and that’s why we love the concept of remodeling bathrooms that don’t require any plumbing work on your own. If you’re looking to save money, too, we can help you find discount bathroom vanities that will ensure a great new look for your bathroom without the added stress of a big price tag. Read on to find out just how you can find the discount bathroom vanities you’ve been wanting for next to nothing.

Hospice Stores

Did you know that oftentimes people who are building or remodeling homes will remove a vanity from a bathroom and donate it here? It may or may not be new, but it will be in good condition and perfectly easy to stain or paint. Additionally, if a builder buys too many vanities for a project or decides that one does not work, it’s often donated somewhere like this and costs next to nothing brand new.

Buy in Bulk

If you’re buying new vanities for all your bathrooms at one time, you could save a bit of money with a discount. You can also check electrician perth for any fixtures.  This is done simply by asking the store to give you a discount based on the fact that you are buying three or four of the same item, as well as sinks, countertops and whatever else there. Most of the time a discount will happily be applied to your order.


You can check online for discount bathroom vanities at places that have items that are going out of sale, that have been discontinued or that might even have a small flaw. For example, a small scratch along the side might mean you get a big discount. You might not want a scratch, but if that’s the side going up against a wall, no one will ever see it.

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