Three Things You Can Do To Feel Beautiful At Any Age

As we age, we sometimes feel like our beauty is fading but that is simply not true.  We should know how to feel beautiful at any age.  Many times we are too hard on ourselves and cause ourselves to have low self esteem when that simply isn’t the way it should be.  Feel beautiful in the skin you are in, regardless of your age.

The first thing you can do to help yourself to feel beautiful at any age is refuse to compare yourself to 20 year olds.  You cannot possibly expect your body to look like it is 20 unless you actually are 20.  My Mom has a very wise viewpoint on this that has helped me.  She says she doesn’t care about aging, but she wants to look good for her age.  We should not strive to attain something that we cannot possibly attain.  What we should strive for is to look the best we can.

Be confident in yourself.  Instead of berating yourself for those ten extra pounds you can’t seem to lose or the crows feet that your eye cream is not getting rid of, focus on all of the things you do like about yourself.  If you are having an especially hard time thinking about what there is to like about your appearance, ask your husband or a close friend what your best features and traits are.  When you focus on the good things about yourself, you will feel beautiful.

If you like what you see in the mirror, don’t worry about others.  Stop trying to reach a standard that isn’t possible for you to reach.  Do the best with what you have and celebrate you.  Just think how unique you are.  While others may resemble you, no one looks exactly like you, unless you are a twin.  Even then, you have your own uniqueness.  Focus on feeling beautiful and soon you will.



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