Features You Should Look For In A Flat Iron

If you have shopped for or are in process of shopping for a flat iron lately, you know the wide selection offered is staggering.  It’s wonderful to have so many to choose from but how do you know which one is best?  What features do you really need?

A flat iron is an important tool in your quest for beautiful hair and the decision requires some thought.  There are as many brands as their are colors of the rainbow but I would rather help you focus on the features you need in your flat iron.

You need a precise temperature setting.  You do not want to choose a flat iron that has settings of simply low, medium and hot.  You will need much more precise control than that.  You should factor in what type of hair you have when comparing temperature setting controls.  For example, thin hair needs lower heat than thick hair does.  Naturally straight hair needs lower heat than wavy or curly hair does.  Be sure to shop for a flat iron that goes low or high enough to meet your needs.

Auto shutoff is a feautre I would not want to do without on my flat iron.  A flat iron gets so hot it can be dangerous not only to you but if left on all day, to surrounding surfaces should it fall or tip.  My flat iron has a one hour automatic shutoff timer on it.

Quick heat up time is a nice feature.  Not a necessity but will make your routine easier.  Mine heats in sixty seconds.

Floating plates are an absolute must.  When a flat iron has floating plates you know that they plates will meet evenly as they slide down your hair.

A long cord is a must, especially if you are prone to moving around when doing your hair.

The features you can choose from are varying but these are some you should definitely look for in your flat iron.




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