Find A New Favorite Pink Lipstick: Five Of The Best

Every girl needs a pink lipstick.  While women all vary in their preference in the shade of pink, you are guaranteed to find a pink lipstick in almost every woman’s purse.  Here are some I have found to be some of the best that could easily be your next favorite.

Revlon Super Lustrous Crème Lipstick in Pink In The Afternoon is a pink lipstick that is a true pink.  It is a neutral shade that is almost universally flattering.  I have went through way more than one tube of this and know it will be a lipstick I continue to wear.

Mary Kay Crème Lipstick in Pink Passion is a pink lipstick that will remind you of an almost fuchsia.  It is not quite that bright but definitely has the hot pink flavor.  This has been described as a pretty pink that really brightens up your face.

Clinique High Impact Lip Color In Toasted Rose is what I think of as a muddy pink.  It has undertones of browns mixed in.  This is a very popular neutral pink that you will find yourself using a lot for daily wear.

Cover Girl Queen Collection Lip Color In Berry Bling is a pale pink lipstick that will remind you of  cotton candy or bubble gum.  This is a lipstick is a great go to when you are wearing a smoky eye and want to underplay your lips.  Paler lips have recently become trendy again.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick In Insanely It is described as a watermelon pink lipstick with lots of brightness and flair.  This is a daresome pink that is great for date night or other occasions where you really want to make an impact with your lip color. This is a lipstick that goes on sheer and has a very moisturizing feel to it.

Image Credit: Beauty Swatch



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