Fake A Good Nights Sleep With These Little Tricks

A good nights sleep is always the goal but the truth is that it is something most of us seldom get in our modern world.  Life is crazy busy and we are busy trying to keep up with our homes, our family and our career.  Juggling so many things can leave you getting in bed late and up early on a good night.  So how do you fake a good nights sleep when you didn’t get one?  You do so by using a few little tricks so that no one will ever know the difference between the tired you and the well-rested you.

You must pay careful attention to your eyes.  They are going to give you away easier than any other part of your body.  More than likely you will battle puffiness and dark circles.  For puffiness, forget the tea bags, cucumbers and eye gels.  Use this trick and your eye puffiness will be a thing of the past.  Put two spoons in the refrigerator for an hour, remove them, turn them spoon side out and allow to lay on your eyes for ten minutes.  If you don’t have ten minutes, even a quick 30 second application will work wonders. Concealer is the key to covering your dark circles.  Don’t rub it on; take the time to pat it on carefully.

Play down your eye makeup and play up your lips.  Your eyes don’t need to be the star of the show when you are exhausted.  Fake a good nights sleep by wearing minimal eye makeup and a bright or bold lip color.  Attention will automatically be shifted away from your eyes and to your lips.

Watch your posture.  We tend to slump more when we are tired.  Stand up straight and you will be well on your way to faking a good nights sleep.

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