Have The Eyelashes You Always Dreamed Of Without Wearing Fake

Long, thick eyelashes are something that all women covet.  We notice them very quickly when we see them on others.  But we often think that we can’t ever have that look because we weren’t born with it and we don’t want to fool with the hassle and mess of wearing fake eyelashes.  The good news is you don’t have to wear fake eyelashes to look like you have them.  There are things that you can do to make your own natural eyelashes look fuller, thicker and longer.

The first step to having gorgeous eyelashes begins when you take your makeup off at night.  This may sound strange but stop and think about the abuse your eyelashes take when you remove your makeup.  Do not remove your eye makeup with a regular facial cleanser.  Buy a good quality eye makeup remover to use to remove that portion of your makeup.  It is gentler on your eyelashes and will cause less breakage and loss of eyelashes.

The next step to achieving your dream eyelashes is to apply a serum to your lashes after removing your makeup.  Lash serums are relatively new to the market of cosmetics but are very effective. My personal favorite is by Mary Kay. It really does seem to make your eyelashes seem fuller and longer. I have received many compliments on my eyelashes since I started using this product.

Of course, finding a good quality mascara is good and we all have our favorites but equally as important is finding a good lash primer. A lash primer is a product that is applied like mascara but goes on clear or white. It helps to bulk up your eyelashes and give your mascara something more to cling to, which will enhance the look of your eyelashes. After you apply your primer, you should wait about 30 seconds to give it time to set and then proceed with your mascara. My favorites in this product are Mary Kay and Clinique.

With these steps, you won’t be wearing fake eyelashes but everyone will think that you are.


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