The Best Makeup Color Choices To Make Your Eyes Pop

If you have always wondered what the best makeup color choices are for your eye color, then you don’t have to wonder any longer.  We can take the question out of this for you and give you inside information on how to make your eyes pop.  The answer as to what are the best makeup color choices for your eyes will vary according to your eye color, of course.

If you have brown eyes, then the best makeup color choices for you are blues and purples.  Think navy and dark denims in terms of blue.  In terms of purples, you can basically wear any shade but jewel tone purple and royal purple will give you just the touch you are looking for to make your eyes pop.

If you have green eyes, believe it or not, sometimes a green eye makeup choice is your best friend.  Go for forest green if you want to try this.  Another of the best makeup color choices for you is shades of gold and champagne.  You can pull purple off if you stay on the lighter side such as a lilac color in eye makeup.

Hazel eyes just may be the eye color that has the most fun. There are a lot of options that work for hazel eyes but the best makeup color choices are plum, lime green and some shades of blue.  Taupe is another shade that works well for hazel eyes, especially when mixed with the other colors.

Blue eyes work beautifully with earth tones such as browns and cream.  They can also work with pale purple and very light shades of blue that are so light they are almost a silver shade of blue.

For even more eye makeup tips, Marie Claire has an article on eye makeup tips you may be interested in reading.



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