Everything You Need to Know about the American Manicure vs. French Manicure


A day at the spa is so relaxing, but it seems that all the different choices available now are making what should be a relaxing day that much more complicated. For example, that simple manicure you want is now a thought to ponder; do you want a French manicure or an American manicure? What’s the difference? Do the French and the Americans really manicure their nails differently? What’s up with that? The question is one many women are suddenly asking, and we have the answer for you.

The Difference

The French manicure is just what it sounds like; French. It uses a clear base and a white tip. The difference between this and the American manicure is the fact that the American manicure uses a number of different base colors, including a soft pink or any other color you prefer. It’s most common to use a soft pink or nude and work up to a brighter shade of pink for this particular type of manicure. The French manicure is used to add sophistication and soft elegance, but the American is a bit more fun and dramatic.


There is not much difference in the price of a French vs. American manicure. The difference in price lies in the preferences of each individual salon. Most salons charge a similar price for most of the same French  manicures, give or take a few dollars for different additions and services. The price for an American manicure might differ from salon to salon, but it’s ultimately the same cost across the board. You won’t save significantly choosing one type of manicure over the other.

What You Should Know

If there is a significant variation in the prices of these two manicures, chances are good that the salon you’re visiting is attempting to dissuade you from choosing one type over another. This could be because they prefer to offer one type of manicure over the other, or it could simply mean that their manicurists are more skilled at one type than the other. Ask around for references if it’s difficult for you to choose which you prefer.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AEG


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