Ever Wonder How to Grow Your Hair Faster?


Few things are as frustrating for women as not being able to grow their hair as long as they’d like. It’s like your hair decides one day simply to stop growing. While some might laugh it off, it’s true. Your hair can actually stop growing at times, and your job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. The healthier your hair, the faster and healthier it will grow. Read on for a few great hair-growing tips.


The worst thing you can do for your hair is to forgo scrubbing your scalp. It’s not too harsh; it’s necessary. Your new hair cannot grow if your scalp is layered with grime and product and other things you never want to think about. Scrub it each and every time you wash your hair for the best growth results.

Use Moisturizing Product

To protect your hair from breaking and dying, you need to use products such as shampoos and conditioners that have built in moisturizers. Your hair will not grow if it’s too busy dying and breaking. It’ll look the same length forever.

Protect from Heat

You already know to use a protective products prior to using heating tools on your hair, but did you know you need to protect it when you’re outside as well? Try to avoid using harsh chemicals in your hair and then going outside. Instead, wear a hat whenever you can.

Change Your Brush

Close bristles can damage your hair. Instead of pulling a close-bristled brush through your hair, try pulling a wide-tooth comb through your hair so that you don’t damage it. This is going to help you keep your hair healthy and protect it from damage caused by brushing too frequently.

Have a Lazy Day

Hair experts recommend you shy away from heat styling at least once a week. Have a lazy hair day. Make it a messy bun day, or a French braid kind of day. Even just one day a week free of heat in your hair can help to make it grow faster and healthier, believe it or not.

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