Essential Items You Should Carry In Your Purse

I know what you are thinking.  Your purse is already overflowing with items.  How can you possibly not have the essential items that you need?  It turns out that while we ladies feel we carry everything but the kitchen sink in our purses we often don’t have the little essentials that can make our lives much easier by having them there.

Tylenol or ibuprofen is on the essential items list.  How often have you been out and had a headache or menstrual cramps and had to stop to purchase a pain reliever?  If you carry these in your purse you will be thanking yourself over and over for the thought of doing so.

Blotting papers are a miracle in the beauty department.  They are great to absorb the oil off of your face and leave your makeup behind.  They are a wonderful invention and replace powder.  It is better to use blotting papers instead of powder because the powder will make your face look cakey where the blotting papers leave your face looking as if your makeup has been freshly applied.

Bobby pins are a great thing to have in your purse because there is always a time when you need one for your hair.  Twists tend to fall and bangs get in your way and need to be pulled back.

Safety pins are also on the list of essential items to have in your purse.  If you lose a button in a pinch or notice a top is gaping open you will be thankful that you have that safety pin.

A small notepad makes the list of essential items.  It is great to have on hand when you are making a last minute grocery list or need to write a last minute note to your child’s teacher.

You will be thankful if you add these essential items to your purse.


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