Emergency Beauty Fixes You’ll Thank us For

Few things in life are as panic-inducing for a woman than realizing she is out of a must-have beauty item at the last minute. Perhaps you are in the shower getting ready for work – and already running late – when you realize you are out of conditioner or you get out only to realize that you left your mascara at your hotel yesterday before you came home from your fabulous weekend getaway. It happens, and it is never fun. Fortunately, you have things in your house already that can take care of problems such as these. Stop panicking and start searching the pantry.  Here are four emergency beauty fixes.

Problem: I’m Out of Conditioner and Have to Leave in Twenty Minutes

Head straight to the kitchen and grab an avocado, a carton of milk or mayonnaise. After shampooing you can use half of an avocado – mashed – to condition your hair. If you don’t have an avocado lying around you can use a half cup of either mayonnaise or whole milk to give you silky, easy to brush hair.

Problem: My Mascara is Missing

It may sound a little strange, but in a mascara emergency you can use a little petroleum jelly on your eyelashes to make them appear shiny and full. The jelly catches the light to help them look longer and healthier, creating a look that rivals the look mascara provides.

Problem: I Can’t Shake Another Drop Out of My Foundation Bottle

Mix a little loose powder or concealer with your moisturizer to create a faux foundation that offers full coverage so you can run to the store and pick up a new bottle of moisturizer.

Problem: I’m Out of Shaving Cream

Condition those legs! The moisturizer and other ingredients in your conditioner will help your razor slide easily over your gams to give you a close shave without worrying about razor burn or other damage.


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