Easy Tips for Natural Looking Daytime Makeup

There probably aren’t many women who don’t dream of waking up looking naturally gorgeous and going about their day with absolutely zero effort on their hair and makeup. Unfortunately, most of us feel we need to do at least a little work to look natural and gorgeous (though that does take the natural right out of it, does it not?) and that means we need to know the rules of daytime makeup. You don’t want to walk into your daughter’s school looking like you are about to join a bachelorette party, after all.

Wash Your Face

The most important thing you can do to look as naturally gorgeous as possible is wash your face with a gentle cleanser each night before bed. This will clean all the grime, germs and makeup from the day right off and leave your skin looking healthy and natural. Additionally, you need to apply moisturizer to your face after washing it.

Apply Concealor

Some people have trouble spots; yours might be dark circles under your eyes, old scars or red patches on your face. Hide them with concealor, followed by a light coverage foundation to keep you looking natural while still hiding your self-perceived flaws. The best tip you can get is to use foundation with SPF 15 built it, because natural beauty is only possible without skin damage.

Apply Blush

The easiest way to look natural is to go light on the mascara and eye shadow and focus on making your cheeks look pink and natural. A pinky-peach blush on the apples of your cheeks will give you a naturally flushed look, which can make you look younger and more awake. As far as lipstick goes, don’t apply it. Use a natural, very light shade of lip gloss in the pink or natural family to look as natural as possible during the day.


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