How Do I Donate My Hair?

5 Places To Donate Hair If It’s Over 8 Inches Long

How to donate hair

Many cancer patients often lose their hair due to chemotherapy treatments. Not only do they have to fight cancer, they also tend to lose their self-esteem when they lose their hair, which is why hair donation is so valued. Donating your hair to a charity is a great and inexpensive way to get involved. It’s a life changing move that is rewarding and easy to do. Want to help out but don’t know where to start? Don’t fret – we have it covered for you! Here are the five most reputable places to donate hair:

1. Locks of Love 

As the best known as well as the longest running hair donation charity, they accommodate financially disadvantaged  children who suffer from long term hair loss because of any illness.  Donated hair must be at least 10 inches long and undamaged. As long as it’s not damaged, you can even donate permed or colored hair.

2. Pantene Beautiful Lengths 

Working with the American Cancer Society, Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign gives free human-hair wigs to women with cancer. A lot of ladies are enticed by Pantene’s program because they only require 8 inches of hair to make a donation. Bleached hair or permanently dyed hair is not acceptable for donation, but it is if you used vegetable dyes, rinses, or semi-permanent hair color.

3. Wigs for Kids

Much like Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids provides hair systems for kids. The charity helps children who have hair loss because of any condition, including cancer, alopecia and burn accidents. The hair they provide for the kids let them take part in normal activities without the worry of the hair to fall or fly off – they can even go swimming in it! Wigs for Kids requires a 12-inch donation, and gray hair as well as hair with non-permanent dye are accepted.

4. Children with Hair Loss

This foundation provides needy children in Michigan with wigs and has both long-term hair replacement packages as well as short term options for those kids who have temporary hair loss. They require an 8-inch long ponytail to make a donation.

5. Angel Hair for Kids

Part of the A Child’s Voice Foundation, Angel Hair for Kids provides children in Canada who are financially disadvantaged with hair.

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