Easy Steps For A Do It Yourself Manicure That Lasts For Days

Going to the salon for a manicure is an unnecessary expense when you can give yourself a manicure at home.  You will save on money but also on time. It really isn’t that difficult to do when you know the right steps to follow.

Start your manicure by removing all of your old nail polish and pushing your cuticles back.  You can use an orange stick or a cuticle stick, whichever you prefer.  Cut your nails so that they are all in the same shape.  Some people go for a rounded look and some people choose more of a square look.  It is really best to go with what shape your nails naturally gravitate towards.  File all of the rough edges down.  An optional step is to buff them for a smooth surface but this is completely up to the individual.

After you have your fingernails cut, filed and prepared for nail polish, lay your hand on a flat surface such as a table and begin to apply the polish.  Nail polish goes on best when it is rolled between your hands before use.  Start with a drop of nail polish in the center of your nail down near the cuticle bed and work your way out.  For most nail polishes, a second coat is needed to achieve a full coverage look.  Allow your nails two to three minutes to dry between coats and the same amount of time to dry before you apply a top coat.  The importance of a top coat can not be emphasized enough.  It is really the protection that your nail color needs to prevent chips.  There are many different types but if you are the typical busy woman, a fast drying top coat is the one you want to purchase.

Some of the best nail polishes for giving you a manicure that lasts for days are Essie, OPI and Sally Hansen.

Image Credit: Beauty Thrill


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