All You Ever Wanted To Know About Using Deep Conditioner On Your Hair

Deep conditioner is a special kind of conditioner that you use on your hair on occasion rather than a daily basis.  Deep conditioner is a product that most women do need to use but the time table that they need to use it varies greatly from woman to woman.  If you have extremely dry or damaged hair then you are going to find that you need to use a deep conditioner much more often, possibly as much as twice a week.  Women that color or perm their hair will also need to use this product more often.  If you have normal, healthy hair then you will most likely find that you only need to use deep conditioner one to two times a month.

Deep conditioner differs from regular conditioner because it is a heavier conditioner that you leave on your hair for a longer period of time.  To properly use this hair product, you need to start with clean, wet hair.  Apply the product generously, concentrating on the bottom 2/3 of the hair.  Some women need the conditioner on their scalp but most find that it leaves an oily residue which is why it is best to only apply to the bottom portion of the hair.

Apply the conditioner and either finger comb through or comb through with a wide tooth comb.  It is best to wrap your hair in a towel while the conditioner does its work.  A damp, warm towel works best to keep the conditioner activated and doing the work it is meant to do.  Leave on for the amount of time recommended on the package, generally around twenty minutes and rinse well.

Expect your hair to be a bit different the day you deep condition it.  It may have more of a heavy feel to it than usual but the benefits will be worth one day of unusual hair.

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