For Day To Night Makeup Try These Simple Tricks

Day to night makeup is easy to achieve with these little tricks.  Many times when you are headed for an evening out, you are going straight from work.  In that case, you don’t have time to start fresh.  What you need is the ability to go from day to night makeup in a matter of minutes so you can put the work day behind you and have an evening of fun.

We all have a day makeup look that usually consists of some mild eye makeup and a light lipstick or gloss.  What you want to do to take your makeup into the evening is to refresh your base with a quick coat of powder.  There is no need to apply more foundation unless you are wearing a formula that does not give you the long lasting wear you need.  After that you may want to refresh your blush.  Rather than adding more blush from your container, though, you can simply use what is on leftover on your brush from the morning.  Concentrate on the apples of your cheeks, where color would naturally appear.

As you move on to the eyes when doing your day to night makeup, remember that this is where you really want to bring in your wow factor.  Add a bit more eye shadow to the crease of your eye and add another coat of mascara.  Your lip is the other area of your face to add in a wow factor.  While most of us usually choose colors that are mild and just enhance our natural lip color during the day, you can be a bit more daresome at night.  Go for a bright pink or a red.  These are notice me colors that you want to wear when you are headed for an evening out.

For more tips on day to night makeup, you may want to read this article on the subject by Cosmopolitan.


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