Daily Habits That Can Cause Acne

Acne is something you thought you’d left behind in your teenage years. However, here you are, 30-years-young (or however young you are) and staring at acne. That one tiny spot on your chin that makes you want to cry can take you back years and years to a day when you struggled with your skin, convinced it hated you endlessly. Now it’s back. Acne happens; unfortunately, to just about everyone at some point.

If you’re suffering from acne again at an age you don’t feel it’s appropriate (and when is it appropriate, really?) you might want to see if one of your daily habits is actually causing your skin issues. This would be in lieu of your assumption that your body rejects you and wants to see you miserable.

Cell Phones

Everything you touch during the day ends up on your phone. Even if you’re a habitual hand washer, your phone is still dirty. It sits in your handbag (and when was the last time you cleaned that?), your pockets, on tables at restaurants, on your desk, on counters when you’re checking out while shopping…your phone is everywhere. It’s also on your face when you’re trying to cart your purchases into the house and unlock the door while simultaneously talking to your mom. It could be the culprit behind your sudden acne issues.


I have this particular issue. The more you travel, the more acne you might notice. This is because the more time you spend on a plane, the more dehydrated your skin becomes. The air in a plane is exceptionally dry which causes your skin to dry out. This causes your skin to retain more oil to help it moisturize and it often causes break outs here and there. The key is to stay hydrated. Skip the cocktail and order a bottle of water in flight. Drink up – it’s going to save your skin.

Too Much Washing

I’m also guilty of this. I like to shower at night and wash my face then and again when I shower in the mornings. However, I’ve had to learn the hard way that over washing can cause your skin to dry out and break out. Skip the morning wash. As long as you routinely change your sheets and you wash your face every single night, you shouldn’t even need to wash it in the morning.

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