Find The Correct Shade Of Lipstick For Your Hair Color

Lipstick, for most women, is the finishing touch when they are getting dressed for the day.  It makes them feel complete and ready to face what the day holds.  Many women do not feel they are completely ready until they have applied their lipstick.  But the question is, what shade of lipstick should you be wearing?

The answer to that question is, it depends on what color your hair is.  Of course, you can wear any shade you like and a woman’s personal tastes should definitely factor in to her choice in lipstick.  But there are certain lipstick shades that look best on you when you are a blonde, a redhead or a brunette.

Most blondes find that lipstick in shades of pink are their best colors.  They can go for a bright pink or for a paler pink such as what we think of as a cotton candy pink.  Medium pinks are what most blondes choose to wear.  Pinks that look slightly muddy, or like there is a hint of brown in them, can work as well.  Red is a gorgeous color for blondes to wear but not everyone is comfortable sporting a red lipstick.

Brunettes have a wider range to choose from.  They can wear many shades of berries and plums.  They can also wear red and usually can get by with more shades of red than a blonde, who needs to stick with a bluish red to look best.  Brunettes can wear brick reds, bluish reds and more.

Redheads have very specific shades of lipstick they can wear successfully.  They do best with tawnies, corals and lipsticks that are more peach than pink.  If they wear pink they need to choose a shade that has as much brown as pink in it.  They can wear lipsticks that are brown or tan in nature.

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