The Best Way To Communicate The Haircut You Want To Your Hair Stylist

All of us have had the unfortunate experience of going in a salon and walking out with a haircut that is nothing like the one that we wanted.  A lot of those unfortunate experiences happen because the communication between you and your hair stylist was not clear.  In order for your hair stylist to meet your needs, you have to be clear in your communication about what you are wanting.  So how can you do that?

A picture is worth a thousand words.  A good hair stylist knows this and welcomes the pictures that you bring her.  If you can, bring various pictures of the same haircut from different angles.  For example, if there is a celebrity that has the haircut that you want, take more than one picture of the celebrity with you.  If you can get a front picture, a back picture and one from the side, it will greatly help your hair stylist to give you the hair style that you are desiring.

Use words.  Lots of precise words.  Even if you bring a picture but especially if you do not, explain to your hair stylist in great detail what you are after.  Do not be general in your descriptions.  For example, if you want layers, don’t simply say that you want layers.  Explain where you want the layers to start, how much you want of them and why you want them.  Do you want them to thin your thick hair or to add volume?  The more detail you can give your hair stylist, the better your chances are of getting the haircut that you want.

If something did not please you from your last appointment, don’t be afraid to say so.  But be sure to explain that in the most polite, appreciative way possible.  Explain that the feature of the past haircut didn’t work for you and why.  With careful attention to your communication with your hair stylist, you have a much greater chance of getting the haircut you want.

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