Common Mistakes Women Make With Skin Care

Skin care can be confusing.  When you go to the skin care aisle at your local drugstore, the wide array of bottles and jars is overwhelming.  Which one is for you?  Which one is best?  How often should you use it?  Confusion over questions like these is one reason I believe women don’t do better at skin care.  They simply don’t know what to do.

There are some mistakes that are very commonly made by us ladies in regards to our skin care routine.  Hopefully, by the end of this article you will be walking away wiser and more confident about how to handle skin care.

Probably the most common mistake made in skin care is not washing your makeup off before bed.  I know, I know, you are tired by the time you actually get to bed.  But this is a terrible thing to do to your face.  It needs time to breathe and recuperate while you sleep.  It really only takes a couple of minutes to do and if you find yourself absolutely too exhausted for even that, there are always disposable cleansing clothes in convenient packaging.  You can put a package in your nightstand for those nights you just can’t make it to the sink.

Another commonly made mistake is using products for the wrong type of skin.  You need to know your skin type.  It is really easy to figure out.  If your face is flaky and feels tight when you smile, you have dry skin.  If you have dry patches but also areas where oil tends to concentrate, you have combination skin.  If your makeup tends to melt off your face and you are constantly fighting shine, you have oily skin.  Make sure you choose a cleanser and coordinating products for your personal skin type.

Lastly, another mistake often made is not understanding the need for moisturizing our skin.  We all need to use a moisturizer, even those with oily skin.  You just need the right formula for your type of skin.  There are moisturizers for oily, dry and combination skin.  Skin care isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems.


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