Common Beauty Mistakes Women Make And How To Avoid Them

Beauty is something all women aspire to have and try their best to achieve.  There are some common beauty mistakes women make we should all go out of our way to avoid.

Wearing the wrong foundation shade is probably one of the most common beauty mistake made by women.  When you choose your foundation be sure that it does not lay on top of the skin.  The correct foundation shade should disappear into your skin.  After all, the goal of wearing foundation is to look as if you have pretty, perfect skin.

Another one of the common beauty mistakes made is lining their lips outside of their natural lip line.  It is fine to fudge a bit if you really need to but only do so very minimally.  Anything else is too unnatural and makes you look overdone.

Wearing your blush too strongly is another one of the common beauty mistakes.  Blush should be subtle enough that people should look at you and wonder if you are wearing blush or just have a natural glow about you.

Let’s talk about eyebrows and the common beauty mistakes that accompany this area of cosmetics.  I am a believer in using an eye pencil to fill in sparse brows but it is important to be sure to select a shade that matches your eyebrows accurately.  You do not want to have penciled on look.

Wearing hair bows when you are once you are past being a teenager is another one of the common beauty mistakes women make.  Hair bows are darling, on our little darlings, that is.  They are not for us older ladies.  Leave them to the little girls and add your own adult hair accessories.  There are plenty of them to purchase that are appropriate for our age.

If you are making one of these mistakes, don’t worry.  Simply correct it and go on.




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