Caring for Long Hair Styles in Winter Weather


No one does long hair styles like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, don’t you agree? Of course, no one does anything quite like a Victoria’s Secret Angel if we’re really honest; but we aren’t here to dwell on their perfection. We’re here to figure out how we can get long hair like theirs that’s always lush, gorgeous and full of life instead of dry, limp and difficult to manage in the winter months. There are so many questions women have this time of year, especially those with long hair styles not easily hidden beneath hats in inclement weather, about how to care for their hair in the cold, dry air and how to make sure that it stays healthy and looks good when they do have to wear a hat. Winter is the most wonderful time of year for everything but hair –long or short. Fortunately, women with long hairstyles don’t have to resign themselves to a season of bad hair days. We have a few tips that will keep your hair looking great even when it seems that everything is working against that.

Skip the Daily Washing

This is something you should be doing anyway, not just in the winter. Washing your hair every single day strips it completely of all the natural moisture within your locks, which leaves them dry and damaged. Your best bet is to wash every other day and either rinse your hair with warm water on no-wash days, invest in some dry shampoo to spray in it on those days or even use a little powder in your hair to absorb oil on off-days if that’s a problem you have. This is going to keep some of your hair’s natural moisture, making it more difficult for your hair to dry out in the cold, dry air.

Wear Loose Hats

We aren’t saying you can’t be stylish and fabulous when you have to wear a hat to keep warm, but you can help to keep your hairstyle looking good under than hat if you stick with something a bit on the loose side. A tight hat is going to give your hair indentions that won’t go away and it’s going to cause static (which can be eradicated with a dryer sheet, FYI). Additionally, a tight hat is going to make it difficult to style your hair. If you can get away with it, opt instead for a thick headband and a coat with a hood you can wear while outdoors.

Let it Air Dry

Long hair takes a bigger beating than short hair from heat styling. Why? Because your hair is exposed to the heat longer since there is so much more of it. Consider making like Elsa and let it go; the heat styling, that is. Perhaps you could try letting your hair air dry a few days a week so that you don’t have to rely on heat, which dries out your locks and causes too much damage. A good idea, too, is to heat style on days your hair is wet from being washed and styling your hair naturally on days you skip washing it.

Embrace the Bun

Winter is the perfect season for a gorgeous bun. It’s easy, simple and it keeps your hair a bit healthier. Long hair can be styled in so many different buns we couldn’t name them all if we tried. There are a few benefits to using the bun style on a cold winter day, as well. The first is that it protects your hair from heat styling since you are just putting it up. The second is that it keeps you a bit healthier. If the day is rainy, there’s sleet or snow, you might end up with wet hair that could cause you to catch a case of the sniffles. Since no one can afford to be sick, ever, it’s a good idea to get your hair up and away from the elements to help reduce the risk of you turning into a drowned rat and catching a cold.

No More Alcohol

Hello? Anyone still reading this? I’m not talking about the kind you drink; I’m talking about the kind in your styling products. Do you even read the ingredients on your styling products (me, either)? We should, to be honest. My hairdresser yells at me in a very non-yelling voice every time I get my hair done and tell her about all kinds of great new products I’ve tried. She says I have to read the ingredients and stop relying on the pretty packaging to tell me my hair will be breathtaking. Alcohol is a primary ingredient in many different hair products, and it’s killer. It will dry out your hair and cause just as much damage as heat styling if you aren’t careful.

Last But Not Least….Have Fun with Winter Hair

If you do have long, Victoria’s Secret Angel-ish hair, you are already one step ahead of most of us. Now that we’ve officially made you feel that you have to change your entire hair care routine the entire year, let us help you make the decision to actually enjoy your hair and make sure you have something to look forward to this winter. A new season is a perfect opportunity to change your look a bit, which can actually help to improve the overall look and health of your hair. Go to your salon and let your stylist get to work choosing a new cut and style that will make your winter hair healthier than ever. A darker color will help add some dimension and a great deep conditioning treatment you will love. Additionally, this gives you a chance to get rid of those split ends and get a fresh new cut that will encourage new, healthy growth.

Don’t let the winter get you – or your hair – down. Embrace the cooler weather and the chance to forgo a little styling from time to time so that you have more time to enjoy the holidays and all the wonderful things that this time of year brings to life.

Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images


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