Bringing Out Your Best Feature With Makeup Tips

Most women learn that they have one feature that is their best feature and want to make it stand out to enhance their appearance but aren’t quite sure how to do that.  You can learn to bring out your best feature with these makeup tips and tricks.

The first thing you need to do, if you have not already, is decide what feature you feel is your best.  The best way to do this is think back.  What feature have you got the most compliments on?  Your eyes?  Your lips?  Your flawless skin?  Another thought to give some time to is what feature do you like best about yourself?  When you have considered those things and made a decision on what your best feature is, you can begin bringing it out.  Whatever your best feature is, that is what you want to focus your makeup efforts on the most and downplay your other features.

If your best feature is your eyes, you will carefully choose eye shadow in shades that compliment your eyes.  You might use a sheer white shadow in the corners of your eyes and on your brow bone to give you lift in that area and make your eyes look even more gorgeous.  Careful application of eyeliner and mascara will help, too.  If you are playing up your eyes, you don’t want to wear a dark lipstick or anything bright.  Go for more of a nude lipstick to balance out your eyes.

If you are playing up your lips, then you don’t want to go over the top with your eye makeup.  Go for neutral colors in the eye and then choose a bright lip color or one that flatters your skin tone.

Playing up your skin is a little bit more difficult but possible.  Choose foundations that use phrases like “glow” and “luminous wear”.  You want to try to enhance the beautiful skin tone you already have.

Image Credit: B.L.O.G. Magazine


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