The Best Tips on How to Treat a Sunburn

Sunburn is so easy to prevent, yet so easy to get. It seems that some weather is just sunburn weather, no matter what you do to prevent one from occurring. Being a Florida native myself, I understand that sometimes you can reapply all the SPF 75 you want, wear a hat and sit in the shade and still end up with a minor – or severe – burn. However, I also know the best ways to treat sunburn. Of course, it’s always best for your health to avoid a burn all together.

Get Out of the Sun

If someone tells you that you’re beginning to turn red, get out of the sun. The faster you remove yourself from a burning situation, the better. You’ll want to do this immediately so that you can begin to treat your burn as soon as possible. This is also helpful because it prevents your burn from becoming worse.

Take a Cool Shower

You can take a bath if you prefer. However, it’s important you do one or the other and in a cool environment.  Hot water is always preferable to cold, but it’s better to use cool water when treating sunburn. It’s going to prevent you from further burning your skin. And in addition to that, it’s something you’re going to need to do for a few days because the hot water will hurt.


It’s crucial that you slather on a thick, creamy lotion after you shower. It’s best if you can put this lotion right in the fridge and keep it cool. It’s going to help ease the pain and provide you with a bit of relief. Additionally, it makes it less disgusting when you begin to peel. The moisturizer helps to minimize peeling, which is always good.

Drink Lots of Water

Most people are unaware of the fact that sunburn automatically brings water in the body to the skin to try and make the pain better, and it can cause dehydration. Drink additional water throughout the day so that you can be sure you’re protected from dehydration – and that you’re treating your burn properly.

Take Some Medication

It’s going to help you to take a dose of ibuprofen immediately. As soon as you recognize burn occurring, take some. You’ll want to take it regularly for two days. This helps to reduce redness and swelling, and it might be able to help you prevent long-term skin damage over the course of your life.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


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