Beauty Tips to Leave You Feeling Beautiful This Spring

Spring has arrived and there’s just something about this time of year that inspires you to feel beautiful. Perhaps it is the feeling of your hair falling on your bare shoulders after many months of wearing sleeves or the bright colors donning the shelves of every boutique you visit; actually it’s probably the blooming flowers, the green leaves and the smell of fresh air. The world is becoming a more beautiful place and it is probably inspiring you to be a more beautiful version of you.

Wavy Hair

This is the season to turn off the flat-iron and make waves (pun totally intended). Much like the season, there’s something soft and pretty about loose waves, which means it’s also the season to ditch the ponytail and let your hair down (again, totally intended). It’s romantic, soft and perfect for the spring season.


Skip the heavy lipstick and go for a lighter gloss a few shades brighter than your natural lip color. This will bring out your natural beauty while drawing attention to your luscious lips. The best part is that when all else fails, a dab of gloss is all you need to look gorgeous all day long so you can do a little extra sleeping and a little less primping.

Get Your Glow On

There’s a reason people find pregnant women so beautiful – and that reason is their glowing skin. The dewey look is one of the most natural, most feminine, loveliest looks around and the best part is that it looks good on everyone. To get your glow on, exfoliate once a week, apply lotion to your skin immediately after your shower so that your open pores absorb the moisture and drink plenty of water. Let’s face it; a natural glow is much more attractive than a faux-glow.


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