Beauty Routines You Should Have

We spend a lot of money trying to look good, but some of us are spending it foolishly. Our beauty routines sometimes do more damage than they do good. Women are notorious for wanting to look flawless, but sometimes our own ideas of beauty are actually mistakes that many women make. Find out what beauty routine you have that’s not doing you any favors.

Waxing Blunders

Your face looks better after you wax things like your eyebrows and over the lip baby hairs, but you are doing more damage to your face than you think if you use certain products before you wax. Before you schedule a facial wax, stop using any facial products containing glycolics or retinoids. They make skin more sensitive and leave it prone to damage from the wax.

Applying Lotion Before and After a Spray Tan

Spray tans are great, because they don’t cause cancer. However, if you apply lotion to your skin before you get your spray on, you will prevent the color from sticking to your body, meaning it will wash off faster. Additionally, when you apply lotion after a spray tan, you are ruining the effects. It’s better to wait six to eight hours after your spray tan to apply lotion.

No Topcoat

Painting your nails is a tedious process that most women attempt to rush. However, if you forgo applying a topcoat, your nails will look dull and will begin to chip much faster, meaning all your hard work and time is for nothing. Take the extra few minutes to apply a clear top coat every time you paint your nails. This applies to your toenails as well as your fingernails.

Too Much Face Washing

Women tend to wash their faces in the morning and evening. This does nothing but strip their skin of moisture. Skip the morning wash and only wash before bed.


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