Beauty Habits That Age You

Remember when you were in high school and you desperately wanted to look older? Perhaps it was to impress a guy or to attempt to sneak into a club that only allows people of a certain age? Well, the beauty tips you used back in the day to look older are still making you look older. Unfortunately, now you actually are older, and you want to look younger (amazing how that works out). You need to ditch the old beauty routines, honey, they’re making you look old.

The Wrong Foundation

The same full coverage makeup you used 10 years ago was great for your skin then, but not so much anymore. As we age, our skin loses a lot of stuff, and heavy foundation has a way of making that look very noticeable. Try using foundation with light coverage that contains peptides. It helps skin look younger.

Dark Lipstick

As you age, you lips lose a lot of collagen, which makes them look thinner. When you wear dark lipstick, you make that very apparent. Skip the dark lipstick and opt instead for a lighter color covered in a sheer gloss to highlight your beauty and make you look years younger.

Too Much Liner

Maybe the all around eyeliner look is one you rocked in high school, but now all it does is make your eyes looks smaller in your head. Apply your eyeliner only over your upper lashes, and not all the way into the corner of your eye. Make it thicker along the outside of your eye to make them both seem bigger, which in turn makes them appear younger. When your eyes look young, the rest of your face looks young.

By utilizing all of these beauty secrets you can make yourself look younger instantly; and that’s never a problem.


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