Avoid Getting Dry Skin Throughout The Cool Winter Months

With the onset of cool, fall weather comes the onset of something else we dread… dry skin.  Almost all of us get dry, winter skin in some place or another on our bodies throughout the long stretch of time between the start of October and end of April.

Dry skin occurs for several reasons.  The cold weather outside is hard on our skin, and the air inside isn’t much better.  Inside our homes we run our heaters round the clock to stave off the winter chill and the heat is drying to our delicate skin.

So what’s a girl to do to keep from flaking and feeling like an alligator with those rough dry skin places?  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  You should be using a moisturizer year round but this is the time to get dedicated; no skipping days here.  Every day, when you step out of the shower you should towel off and immediately use your moisturizer.  If daily moisturizing does not help, you may have to amp up your arsenal add a more nourishing variety.

The same goes for your face.  You should always be using a facial moisturizer but be extra vigilant during the fall and winter months.  Use it twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

Get your daily eight.  Glasses of water, that is.  Drinking enough water will help your skin stay hydrated and prevent dry skin.

Use a humidifier or if you are without one, keep a pan of water simmering on the back of your stove to put moisture into the air.  Heaters dry our house out, even central heat and air and this little tip helps put moisture back into it.

Keep hand lotion in your purse, on your nightstand and on your desk at work.  The same goes for chapstick or lip balm.

Prevention is the best solution when it comes to dry skin from winter’s harsh elements.



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