5 Luxury Hair Tools that are Worth the Cost

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Hair; it’s something you have and it’s something you probably want to keep, especially if you are a woman. Even men get a little out of sorts when they begin losing their hair, when it does not cooperate and when things aren’t looking good for it, and they have such little hair. Women, on the other hand, have a ton of hair. And we are just vain enough to want that hair to look good at all times, at all costs. That’s why we spend an exorbitant amount of money on hair product, hair appointments and hair tools. But are we wasting our money? Surely we don’t need all these items to keep us looking good. The answer is yes, we are wasting money. But not how you might assume; we are wasting money buying the cheap tools when we should be investing in quality tools. Here are five hair tools that are worth the expense.

Dry Bar 3-Day Bender Curling Iron – $125

If you want quick curls, this is the iron you need. It’s designed to give you the hair that you want in half the time, and it’s going to do it without causing your hair any harm. This is the curling iron for you, and it’s going to last.

GHD Eclipse Flat Iron – $250

You can use this every single day. It has a low heat setting but it delivers the best results. This means better hair, shinier hair, and smoother hair in less time, with less heat. You can use this every single day without worrying that it will damage your hair.

TIGI Pro Mini Flat Iron – $100

So why do we need two flat irons? This one is for you to carry when you travel, and you do want this. It’s a hassle to pack a giant flat iron, and you don’t want to run the risk of your good one becoming damaged. This is a great alternative because it allows you to do the job in a healthy way, and it’s easy to pack.

Philip B Stroke of Genius Round Brush – $75

Now, it might seem a bit difficult to spend this kind of money on a round brush when most of them cost only a few dollars. But this brush is going to change your life. It was the answer to my prayers; the catalyst to great hair. I assure you, you want it.

Infinity Pro Brushless Hair Dryer – $120

Why on earth would you want to spend this kind of money on a hair dryer when you could buy one for $10 at the local pharmacy? Because it’s designed to last and it’s designed to protect your hair from heat damage. It’s designed to dry your hair much faster, with less frizz and with less damage. And there you go.

 Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Monarchy Collection


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